O u r     H i s t o r y


O u r     Vision

al-riaz chemicals has always been committed to providing the best possible solutions for industries. This includes attractive, convenient, cost effective product selection second to none.

We are also proud of our complete line of Chemicals, Dairy  Fertlizers & Feeds solutions that al-riaz chemicals has been marketing since very long .


O u r     Mission

Today al-riaz chemicals is present in day to day life of our people in so many ways, with its diverse range of products & is helping enriching their lives in every sense.

Our dreams are higher and ambitions are even higher, so growth has no limits at al-riaz chemicals. We keep broadening our vision.

However as good corporate citizen, al-riaz chemicals will continue to strive for development of our country and improving lives of our people by provision of high quality products and services of our customers, making us a reliable business partner.

So keep browsing our website. Please let us know what al-riaz chemicals can do for you.

Finally, we ask our ALMIGHTY ALLAH to bless the entire al-riaz chemicals family and those we serve.